Pre-listing Home Inspection Services in Banff and Canmore

Alpine Summit provides pre-listing home inspection services in Banff and Canmore. A pre-listing home inspection is an ideal way to find the items in your house that need a tune-up before putting it up for sale. This type of inspection is done to assess the condition of your home before you put it on the market.

Never wait for the buyers’ home inspection day to find out that there is an issue – be proactive and put yourself in a better position during financial negotiations.

Why Hire a Certified Master Inspector?

Take a look at the video and understand the reasons you want to hire a home inspector before purchasing a new home, including safety, money savings and bargaining power.

Our Tools

Our trained expert uses some common tools to perform intensive checks in your home to find major or minor problems:

humidity detection

Humidity detection – hygrometer: Allows the inspector to understand the moisture intrusion source in a room.


Thermometer and illuminometer: The thermometer allows inspectors to check the temperature of the heating and cooling system, whereas the illuminometer is used for accurately measuring the brightness in the area.


Moisture meters: Helps the inspectors to find the elevated moisture levels hidden behind floors.


Thermal imaging: This is an advanced technology, which helps inspectors to identify hidden sources of moulds, roof leaks, foundation cracks etc.

electrical Instruments

Various instruments: We use various kinds of instruments such as electrical testers, flashlights, gas detectors etc. to analyze the condition of your home.

inspection report

Inspection Reports: We will provide easy-to-understand reports within 24 hours.

Dependable Home Inspectors

The certified master inspector at Alpine Summit will provide full disclosure to the buyer, thereby removing any forthcoming liability for the seller, and allowing the buyer to reach a reasonable purchase price by revealing defects in advance. Below are the reasons why you should get a pre-listing inspection done:

  • A pre-listing inspection will provide confidence and avoid renegotiation, stress, delays, and deals falling apart
  • Minimize your future liability by fully disclosing any problems with your property
  • Help to prevent conditional offers on your home
  • You are more likely to sell your home quickly, easily and for more money

You will get a thorough and easy to read report, with any defects documented and supplemented by photos. Our report will be emailed to you very quickly. Contact us today to book your pre-listing inspection.

Home Inspection Company

Alpine Summit is a trustworthy home inspection company in Banff. Inspecting your home completely is our business.